I was a journalist for more than fifteen years, getting paid to have adventures and meet interesting people from every point of the compass. TV, radio, print, I did it all, and relished being a professional scallywag who tried to keep things honourable.

In this storm of happenings, I was taught by hard-bitten subs to use words as a weapon, a shield, and a comfort. It gave me grey hairs and bad dreams, bitten nails and red wine thirst, the habit of eating quickly at my desk, and too many good times to count. 

An old journo once told me the trick to the job was to shut up so people could tell their stories. Good advice, which I followed, and you can find a few of these yarns on my blog.


Back in 2013 my wife Carmen and I packed in our dreams jobs in London and went travelling indefinitely. 

Over four years roaming the world from South America to Japan we shared our journey in the blog Double-Barrelled Travel, which connected us to a huge community of bloggers and writers and allowed us to share the joy of the road.

Back in Australia we continued the blog when we went on an 18-month caravan trip with our baby daughter Ruby. You can find some of my musings about our adventures on our travel blog, Double-Barrelled Travel.