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Write your novel.


Write Your Novel is my online writing course that explodes writing myths, cuts through the bulls**t and gives clear lessons that will help you create your art.

Because the hardest thing about writing a novel is… writing the novel!

It took me ten years to write Locust Summer, my debut novel, and I have been through every snag and slip you could imagine.

But along the way I had plenty of help, and the best insight I found was that no matter how hard I worked on the book, it only started to take shape when I understood what the story was REALLY about.

I want to help you understand your story, so you can bring it to life.

I’ll dive deeply into writing’s holy trinity - Character, Themes, and Plot - and pass on the lessons and insights I have learned over close to two decades of writing.

The course includes workbooks, online modules & videos, group calls, and even one-on-one coaching.

By mastering the basics, we can create art that comes close to matching our vision.

Perfection is not possible.

But doing lots of little things well will add up to something close to it.

In the Write Your Novel course, we will cover:

- Developing authentic characters

- Establishing page-turning plots

- Creating rich themes

- Mastering the drafting process

- Editing your work to uncover deeper meaning

- Pitching to the right publishers & agents for your work

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